Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3 Step Simply Chic Winter Tablescape

Hi loves! I haven't forgotten about you! Promise. We're still finalizing some bits and bobs for the rebrand + relaunch. Stay tuned...EEK! The Type A gal in me just doesn't want to let to site go live until it's 100% perfect in my eyes. So that organizational freak in me is making it take longer. :) Sorry!!! I promise it'll be worth the wait!! 

In the meantime, you can find me on A Blissful Nest today. Remember how I love the wreath idea? (Psst...mine is on clearance at Target AKA run and  grab it!!! silver | gold) Read about it on ABN, and shop the post here on Cheers Y'all!

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Tick tock till relaunch...soooo darn excited! xx
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Best of Cheers Y'all

Oh my goodness. It's time to (finally!!!!) spill the beans. Yep, this is Best of Cheers Y'all because I'm about to say adios to this lovely little space and introduce you to a new one. (EEEEEEK!) Rebrand, redesign, refresh, renew...it felt right to change it up, especially with the start of a new year! 

The truth is I've been itching for a change for a while now. Cheers Y'all began simply as a means to document life and keep in touch with our English family across the pond. I never dreamed that it would grow into a place that pushed me creatively, connected me with amazing women across the nation, and inspired me to own it and live authentically -- all while living my dream by staying at home with my little girl! What was once a journal and hobby has turned into a "home" of sorts where I can be myself, create, inspire, and encourage. I love it here...but I know you'll love the new space even more. The new name reflects what my blog has grown into and where it's going. It's less cutesy and more mature (at least I think so!). It epitomizes who I feel I've become as a blogger...where my niche is. Its design and format are more fluid and updated (and I'm jumping on the  Wordpress train...EEEEK again because I have so much to learn! #fillmeinonalltipsandtricks).

I'll introduce you to the new domain early next week. I can't believe it and can hardly wait to show you around, but first I wanted toast to this space and celebrate the best of the best from Cheers Y'all. Here are your favorite posts...the most popular ones in the history of my little corner of the Internet. 

DESIGN | Nancy's Nursery
This happens to be my favorite too. So much of my heart is woven into this room!
Nancy's Nursery
FAITH | My Heart in the Days Before Nancy
A look into my heart before my life changed ever...
My Heart in the Days Before Nancy
STYLE | Stripe Out
Glad this was yall's favorite because I'm still obsessed with stripes over here. 
Stripe Out

The #1 post on Cheers Y'all ever...my first week of motherhood.
The First Week
Okay. With all the love in my heart (and a bit of nervousness mixed in with the excitement), I'm singing off till I meet you at the new site early next week. Follow me on Instagram for the latest news and updates regarding the switch! Thank you for celebrating life with me, dear, darling friends. That's a wrap. CHEERS, Y'ALL! 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: A Banner Year

I will forever hold 2015 close in my heart. It was a year of change. A year of learning. A year of new. A year in which Mark and I grew deeper than love than I knew was possible. A year of family. A year of coming home. A year of love. A year of JOY.

JANUARY | I started dreaming up Nancy's nursery while she was still in my tummy. I love looking back on this knowing how it came together in real life. So much love!
Via "Nancy's Nursery Inspiration"
FEBRUARY | We babymooned in London! And Paris
Via "Babymoon Part One: London"
Via "Babymoon Part 2: Paris
MARCH | PHEW! What a month this was! We announced that we were moving back home, and at 36 weeks pregnant, we returned to Charlotte (for good!). We said goodbye to our first home, and moved in with my sweet mama in between buying and selling. We also celebrated baby Nancy's arrival with a fancy tea party
Via "First Home Favorites"
Via "Nancy's Fancy Tea Party"
APRIL | The month my heart started beating outside of my body. I shared my heart before it made that big change, reflected on marriage pre-baby, hit 40 weeks, and then--three days later--the most joy-filled miracle of our life happened. On April 24, 2015, we became parents. I also owned it on Erika's blog which was a personal favorite in terms of blogging fun! Owning it connected us, and I love that! :)
Via "She's Here"
MAY | Ooh, baby baby!!! Just living my dream come true and reporting all things baby. 
The First Week | My First Mother's Day | Newborn Photos | Family Staycation 
We also celebrated our birthdays! I turned 28, and Mark turned 29.
The photo below is my favorite photo form the whole year. It's an 8x10 on our gallery wall at home. :)
Via Nancy's Newborn Photos | Image by Cameron Faye Photography

JUNE | We bought a home!!!! Our 2nd home. Our 1st in Charlotte. (And we decided to paint the whole interior by ourselves). I also finally got around to recording Nancy's birth story.
Via "Awesomeness"
JULY | We went to the beach for a week with our extended family and spent two other weekends painting every room and interior door in our new home. :)
Via "Family Beach Vacation"
AUGUST | After one wall removal and all that painting, we moved out of my mama's and into our new home. We celebrated 3 years of marriage, and I dished on the faith of a child changed my heart as a mama.
Via "3 Years"
SEPTEMBER | I shared Nancy's nursery (AKA my favorite room in our home), and we traveled to England for Mark's brother's wedding. It was really special because Nancy finally got to meet our extended family in England--including her namesake!
Via" Nancy's Nursery"
Via England 2015
OCTOBER | Another big month! I shared our living room, we finally got to spill the beans on my favorite secret, we dedicated Nancy's life to Jesus, and we celebrated Halloween with the judge.
Via "Our Living Room"
Via "Sista Sista Secret"
Via "Nancy Hope's Dedication"
Via Halloween 2015
NOVEMBER | I shared our family shoot in Nancy's Nursery, had a bit of a slump and practiced choosing joy, created a mission for this space, revealed my first One Room Challenge, counted my blessings, and celebrated Thanksgiving.
Via "Our Family Shoot in Nancy's Nursery"
Via "One Room Challenge | Coastal Chic Guest Room Reveal"
Via "Thanksgiving 2015"
DECEMBER | All things merry! We discovered that Nancy isn't a Santa fan, so I cherish our first classic cry face photo. We shared our Christmas card (and the mini photoshoot we did for them). We attended Christmas festivities here and there. I holiday home toured x 2 (part 1 | part 2). We Chistmas-ed!
Via "Christmas Card 2015"

This year was so beautifully, intricately, and deeply joyful.
2015 was our banner year.

Thank you, Jesus, for your blessings and provision in 2015. Realistically, I know that not every year will be this good (and--honestly--that scares me and has produced fear in my thought life recently). I have to remind myself that perfect love casts out fear. But no matter what...You are still good. You are always good! You're a good, good Father and have given me the most wonderful earthly father to our baby girl. You are the source of our joy, the author of love, and the creator of family. You hold my little family in the palm of your hands. You already know our future little ones by name. I pray that we can create arrows--warriors--for You. Thank you, Jesus, for our banner year. Oh how we love you! All the praise and honor and glory to You!!!

CHEERS to 2015 and to the new year around the corner...
Lord, I surrender it to You! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nancy | 8 Months

Mommy's angel,

You turned 8 months old on Christmas Eve. I put you in Auntie Hope's dress that she wore over Christmas exactly 25 years ago! Your Mimi even smocked the collar! It was a really special to see you crawling around in it. It's a bit shorter than the dresses you have because Mimi said that was "the style." That was a definite perk for you in terms of crawling speed. :) Everyone is smitten over you. I have your Nana and Fanta in love with snapchat because I send them videos all day of you doing menial little things. The littlest things you do happen to be the sweetest, most treasured moments to us. I'm so thankful to spend my days filled with you. Daddy and I live for your smiles and giggles. You are so beautiful, and it's still hard to believe you're ours.

God loves you, and so do I!


 Christmas 1990 in the same dress you're wearing!

Walk & Ride |  Moccs
I bought this little car/walker combo secondhand for you. For some reason, when you're on it, you look so much bigger to me! 

Beach Baby ExerSaucer
 Here you are being a cutie watching Daddy mow the backyard (or "back gah-den" as he calls it). He's been working really hard on it for you. The new grass patch right in font of you used to be the home to tall, overgrown shrubs, and Daddy is in the process of clearing out the remaining shrubs in the back too! He actually just built steps off of our patio. He said that you would like being able to run in and out of the house that way a lot more...straight onto the grass! He also wants to build a little swing set for you, but that will come after he finishes some other yard things first. :)

 We had an impromptu dinner date with your GrandMimi and Chief at the Original Pancake House. You are now a fan of pancakes! Your #1 favorite food though? It's a toss up between sweet potatoes and apples. You also love avocados.

Rock on, baby girl! (But you've also been trying to mimic my "I love you" sign. ;)) This is the makeshift fence/gate we've made to keep you in the playroom (though you've managed to be adventurous and escape twice). 

 Daddy requested that I buy bubble bath for you. He loves giving you baths while I make dinner. This picture of your big blue eyes (and new teeth) pierces me! This month you doubled your tooth count from 2 to 4!!! I can't believe you have your four front teeth. My baby is growing up!

 Crib Sheet | Pajamas | Taggie
You randomly decided that this was the month that you were going to sleep 12 hours straight. You go to bed around 7:30ish and wake up around 7:30ish. I knew you could and would sleep those 12 hours on your own when you were ready! Oh, and you still love sleeping with your booty in the air. I love it.

Ergo 360
 We still love snuggling. I think between your Daddy and I sharing touch as our #1 love language, we'll surely pass the same along to you. :)

Nancypie, you love your pups. You love to play with them, you love to watch them playing, you even smile and nose scrunch at Tina when she comes in the room sometimes. Speaking of nose scrunches, Auntie Hope says that's what your love language is: nose scrunches. It's so dang cute.

What else?
  • This month you learned how to lower yourself down. Last month, you would cry for help because you felt "stuck" once you pulled up. Now, you're up, down, and all around everywhere. 
  • You're "crusing" around the furniture too. Slowly but surely. 
  • You say "mama" and that's all for now. :) We have been trying desperately to get you to say "dada" this month, but we're still waiting. You are signing "milk" now! And still waving...but only when you feel like it. You really mimic my hand motions, and I know soon your signing back will be exploding. Daddy likes learning the signs too and thinks it's really cool that we're teaching you that. (Did I mention how much I love your Daddy? He's the best. He's so supportive of the mommy I am, and he works so hard for our family.)
  • You have this little girly sounding "aaa!" bark/exclamation that you do sometimes for various reasons. You yell it it at the dogs when they're barking, you yell it when something loud (e.g. the tub faucet, the disposal) is on and you want to compete with the sound, you yell it when you want me to yell something silly back, and you yell it when Mimi lets you crawl into her shower with the metal rattle to make loud echoes. 
  • At night after your nurse, you've been loving Daddy putting you to sleep instead of mommy. It melts me. You two are so sweet together.
  • Daddy is ready to give you a brother or sister. Mommy is not ready. (But I do think it's really cute and endearing that Daddy is.)

Lots of merriness this month....
Other 8 Month Memories:
Your 1st Thanksgiving
Picking Out Our Christmas Tree
Meeting Santa (NOT a fan!)
Our Christmas Card
Our Family Photos
A Very Merry Weekend
Your 1st Christmas

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

When people say that Christmas is even more fun when you have kids, it's every bit of true and more. Having Nancy around this Christmas heightened our joy, celebration, and love throughout the season. I hear (and believe) that it only gets better!!! Don't mind me while I post oh-so-many photos documenting our first Christmas as Mommy and Daddy.

 We started the evening at cocktail hour with our extended family. This event was clearly right up Nancy's alley.

We enjoyed Moscow Mules (thanks Jane!!!), and then headed back to my mom's for a small family dinner. 

 Mimi and her best girl. The way they love each other is so dear to me!

 Nancy with her Mimi and her great-grandparents. I just can't handle Nancy and Chief looking at each other in this picture.

My forever lovah

 How he wanted this picture to go. | How I wanted this picture to go.

 My family exchanges a lot of gifts on Christmas Eve and leaves the morning for the kiddos and Santa. I like that little tradition.

 My mom gave my mimi a sweet notecard set of quotes about parenthood and family. I loved this one. And my Mimi's made-from-scratch ginger cookie on the left? Each Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, my cousins and I consume about 9350125 of these. 

 Epitome of gift opening this year: yum!

Nancy's first soccer ball! (Or maybe Daddy will have her calling it a football?) I don't know who was more excited: Nancy or Tina?

Tasting everything with those 4 new teeth!

 My whole heart for my whole life!

"You guysssss stopppppp!" (And, hey, top teethies!)

"Is this how it works, Mom?"

The biggest present was for the littlest Pie!

Car: Pink; Blue (on sale) | Plaid Flannel Pajamas (similar) | Hanna Andersson PJs - SOLD OUT (I know you're jealous. ;))
Nancy got a pink pushcar! (Complete with three cupholders and storage in the hood. Woo!) I forsee many family walks in the future with this thang!

Judgin' while she's rollin'.

Straight up chilling. I kept sitting her up and she would purposely slouch back down and put her feet up like this every. single. time. I can't! 

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